Being the only mom in your squad

  • Ohhh, i will never let my kid do this and how can you let him dress like that..
  • I think you should let the kid cry, this way he will understand that he was wrong…
  • Why don’t you take a part time job, while on your maternity leave?

How many times have you received “good parenting advises” from friends who don’t even consider having kids any time soon.

Being the only mom in a group of single-still engaged-freshly married girlfriends is hard and funny. Funny, because hearing someone, who had 2 martinis after some draft beer, telling you that parenting is so easy and I should not make such a big deal of it, is hilarious. How, how can this lady give me advises, when she babysit for an hour, once, 10 years ago. The only advice I can accept from her is where I can find the best sales or how to make margaritas using only vodka.

Also, it is hard to have girlfriends which are still size 2 and continue dating like they are 21, it is hard to explain to them, that any plans you make now, on how to be the best mom, will crash eventually. She’s convinced that reading “What to expect, when you’re expecting” is more than enough to raise a child. Good luck and see you on the other side of maternity island!

Meanwhile, it is hard to keep up the outfits they are wearing, because you only know the best places to buy organic food and big boxes of diapers. You thing that leggings and a large flower blouse with your old nikes is a fabulous outfit.

I never had the chance to give parenting advises, as I was the first to have a child in our group and I don’t consider myself the best mom but I can change a diaper and put the baby to sleep faster than you’ll make your margarita using only vodka.

So, please do not teach a mother, how to do things, until you’ve had a little one of your own, smiling at you every morning.


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