The day my kid got his first tablet.

The day my kid got his first tablet, I am saying first, because you know these things do not last, was a perfect day.

So, today, my 3 years old boy got his tablet, it wasn’t something he asked for or something he has seen at other kids and decided he should definitely have one. No. Just the parents decided it is time to stop harassing mom’s old laptop and get the kid his own device. After his nap, we surprised him with this great invention, but the only reaction he had, was a smile. I mean the kids these days don’t even get surprised anymore with such gifts. I guess he was trying to say “wow another device to destroy or huh, is this a new phone? because i have moms already…”.

Anyway, the family picture right now looks this way: the kid is absorbed into the tablet, asking from time to time for snacks, I got my rights on my very own old laptop and the father is in front of his computer, playing wow (nothing changed here).

So, there are some advantages getting the kid his own device:

  • first of all, no more violence ))) I mean I had to fight for the laptop, sometimes ))
  • everyone is happy
  • more free time for mommy
  • you can take it anywhere

And finally, our kid does not spend his entire day with the tablet, he goes to kindergarden and also thank God for this invention.


Babies and Luck (English version)

How often do you think of your child as “Wish we had you a little later”, “Because of you, bye-bye career ” or ” Now I have to wait till you go to sleep, to have that glass of wine”. If you don’t have these thoughts, you are not lucky, you’re just ignoring them.

If you had your kids in your 20’s, your life is so much different than it could have been. At the beginning, you are so enthusiastic and feeling blessed (it really is) but then you have your shirt painted red and nothing clean to go to the work in the morning. And the next morning you see that the dog is eating out of your favorite mug, because you know, he asked for it. Suddenly your wife’s texts are all about diapers, formula, wine and tampons and you think where are those long, hot midnight msg? And forget about crazy monkey sex, now its just quickies so we could get enough sleep. In the same time, you start speaking sarcasm as a native language. Your kid is wearing the pot as a hat and you don’t mind because you have the same hat. Grandma doesn’t have to know about the missing china, she already knows about the expensive glasses she found in the washing machine. And actually, you are so happy when she agrees to babysit, so you have finally the chance to open that bottle of whiskey and eat with your both hands.

There will be many days when you think “Why, why didn’t I use a condom that night” but then you see that little kid peeing on its own and you start feeling blessed and enthusiastic and really, really lucky.